Boca Raton Periodontist Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles Discusses His Background

Boca Raton periodontist Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles is a board certified specialist in periodontics, which includes the surgical placement of dental implants.

My background is in dentistry where I was always interested in becoming a dentist and through dental school I really enjoyed many aspects of the profession.  When I finished dental school I did not have a specific direction.  I just knew I wanted to be a good overall general dentist and I did a hospital residency.

While I was there I had the exposure to all the specialties and had an opportunity to really function on my own, make decisions, and interact with some quality people.  I realized that my real passion was to be a specialist–to be a master of a particular discipline in dentistry and not a jack of all trades.

At the time the exciting areas in dentistry were really in periodontics because two big developments were happening at about that time.  The first is that we had the ability to predictably regenerate bone around teeth that had been damaged by periodontal disease, and the second was that dental implants became a legitimate and predictable field that was really in its infancy.

After I finished my hospital residency, I went on to specialty training at the University of Pennsylvania.  I had an opportunity to do some research while I was there, and it was a perfect time to take advantage of the bright minds in the field.

When I first went into periodontics, I thought that I was going to be strictly a surgeon, taking care of periodontal disease and doing the occasional dental implant.  What happened is that I did that but then my patients needed me to solve other problems.

When I started doing dental implants, it was a six-month process from the beginning of the procedure until the patient got finished.  The patients I was seeing just did not want to wait that long.  To help the patients, I decided to investigate other methods, to read more, to go to more meetings and to associate with the individuals who were getting things done faster and more predictably.

I left dental school really enjoying restorative dentistry.  I left my residency being a surgeon and maybe five or ten years later those two paths kind of converged, where the restorative dentistry and the surgical side got pushed back together.  Now, dental implants are a key part of my practice.  Although I focus on the surgery,  I have to keep up with the restorative side so I can work with the dentists who complete that aspect of the procedure.

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
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