Football Player Fears Dentist; Sheds Tears of Joy When He Has No Pain

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles explains how a professional football player was worried about pain but shed tears of joy when he had no discomfort and a great smile.

A patient who was a professional football player came in to see me.  He had known that his upper teeth in particular were failing for a long time and also was told that he was losing them and that he would have to wear a denture.  He said that he just could not wear a denture because it was not in his personality and he was a tough guy.  In fact, he threatened to throw me out the window if I hurt him.  We are on the second floor with shatterproof glass, so I knew that was not going to be a pleasant experience.

He is a patient whom we had talked to a couple of times about treatment.  His daughter was getting married and he knew he had to do something about his teeth prior to that.  He made an appointment on a Monday and it turned out that the Saturday before our appointment his teeth did in fact fall out.  On Monday we replaced his teeth.  He went to the wedding, had a great big smile in all the photos, and has done great ever since.

Our protocol is that when we first put the temporaries in and finish the adjustment, either screw them into place or cement them into place we do what we call a reveal, which is a little bit of an introduction of the patient to their new smile.  This football player was just overjoyed.  He was a tough guy, but it brought a tear to his eye just to see that he had survived this process.  In fact he did not need any pain medication and he had a solid, beautiful set of teeth to look at and enjoy.

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
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