TeethToday Procedures Now Performed Routinely with Great Results

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles explains how he helped refine the TeethToday concept and make it a routine procedure that gives patients teeth on the day of treatment.

Teeth Today is a process that we have refined that allows us to remove teeth or take someone that has no teeth and place dental implants and then put fixed restorations, fixed crowns or bridges on them immediately.  A patient can walk in with no teeth or with failing teeth and walk out with new teeth the same day.  This applies to one tooth, it can apply to a few teeth, or it can apply to all the teeth.  The process is very grounded in good science, biology and proven techniques.

Over the years we have helped to refine the process.  We took some of the principles and pioneering work in implant dentistry and also in “immediate load implant dentistry,” which is what this field is called.  To the patient, the benefit is that they walk out the door with teeth that are functional the same day of treatment and the teeth look good, just like natural teeth.

We have simply refined the TeethToday concept, streamlined it and brought it to a new level where we do this really efficiently and predictably.  We get great results on a very consistent basis.

Many dentists I talk to just cannot wrap their brains around how to get this done.  In the past it was just not possible for patients who were missing all the teeth in one or both arches to leave a dental office with teeth, so many dentists still think that the concept of teeth in one day is exotic, but in our practice it is has become very routine.  We do the procedure regularly and exceed the patient’s expectations all the time.  We also do not feel that we have any compromises when it comes to comparing TeethToday to more traditional procedures.  If anything we get better results.

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
New Patients Welcome


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