Dental Implants Can Help Patients in Their 90’s and Beyond

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles says that if patients are in reasonably good health, then age by itself will not disqualify them from dental implant treatment.

I tell patients who think they are too old to have implants that they should not worry and think this way, because age by itself will not disqualify them from having dental implants.  If they are healthy enough to have a tooth removed, then they are healthy enough to have a tooth replaced.  The success rate on older patients is exactly the same as the success rate on younger patients.  We may wait a little bit longer for those implants to heal, but they will certainly heal.

I have had patients in my office receive dental implants who were well into their 90’s.  One of my colleagues in our office, Dr. Fred Norkin, placed dental implants in a patient who was 102 years old.  That patient left the office on the day of treatment with teeth, enjoyed an enhanced quality of life, and lived to be about 105 years old.  It also very common for patients to have dental implants placed at much younger ages and then have the benefits of an attractive smile and the ability to eat the foods they want for many, many years.

Also, the benefits of having fixed teeth for older patients are probably disproportionally good compared to younger patients because nutrition is important.  Having fixed teeth helps them have a good self-image compared to dentures.  They can certainly chew better, their diets are better, and they just feel better about themselves.  It is also true that having a positive self-image is even more important as you get older because perhaps your mobility is reduced or you have concerns about other problems.

Because dental implants are so much like natural teeth, this treatment is a huge part of improving or maintaining quality of life, especially compared to a situation in which someone has no teeth or removable teeth.


Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
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