Implant Dentistry Team Concept Benefits Patients

In implant dentistry, when each member of the team focuses on a specific area of expertise, the patient benefits from the combined knowledge of the dental team.

The team concept means that different kinds of dentists–restorative dentists,  periodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons–will each focus on their area of expertise in order to deliver the best result for the patient.  For instance, my expertise is in surgery and surgical management as well as planning, and I am also very good at placing temporary or provisional restorations on these implants, especially when they are done the same day.

On the other hand, as a surgeon, I have do not have the highest level of expertise regarding all aspects of restorative dentistry.  For this reason, I am not an expert in the best materials, the best laboratory procedures, the best way to take an impression, and other issues of this sort because this are part of the daily work and expertise of restorative dentists.

I do surgical procedures all day every day and I am set up to do these procedures.  I have all the equipment and technology and my surgical assistants and office staff are all geared toward providing our treatment very efficiently, comfortably and quickly; but we do not do permanent crowns because we are those procedures are outside of our specialty.  Our staff is not trained for those procedures, we do not have the materials for permanent restorations and restorative dentistry on that level is something that other dentists do much better than surgeons.  The general dentists are better at tweaking esthetics, they are better at managing and selecting shades, and overall they are better at assessing and optimizing esthetics for patients.

It also true that restorative dentists are not trained or equipped to do complex surgical procedures.  However, when I apply my surgical expertise and the restorative dentist works with me to provide the final restoration, each of us does what we do best and the patient gets the best of both worlds.

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
New Patients Welcome


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