Dental Implant Treatment Requires Careful Planning to Achieve Excellent Esthetics

Proper planning is necessary to ensure great esthetic results in implant dentistry, according to Boca Raton periodontist Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles.

The proper placement of dental implants is very important, but patients judge their new teeth by how those teeth look, function, and feel.  When done properly, dental implants look very much like natural teeth.  We work hard to make sure that the esthetics are very acceptable as part of the dental implant procedure by doing a very thorough analysis ahead of time.  Esthetics can be compromised for lots of reasons, and by understanding what the problems are up front, we can make sure that we have the best results at the end.

We certainly want to use the right materials to get the best results.  We also use really good laboratories to make sure that we have great temporaries.  One of the main reasons that implant supported teeth do not look good at the end of treatment in some offices is that the bone has not been augmented, or the gums have not been shaped properly in anticipation of an implant placement.  As part of our analysis in our office, we always take a really close look to make sure that the shape of the gums is right.

If there are issues with the shape of the gums, we will recommend appropriate procedures to make sure that we correct that problem at the same time that we are placing the implant.  That may mean we do a bone graft or just build up these areas to make sure that we get the a very good esthetic result at the end.  The key is really planning and thoroughly diagnosing the problem before we ever get started.

Preparing the gums and doing the procedures necessary is at the center of the specialty of periodontics, so the patient is in the right place.

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
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