Bleeding Gums are a Warning Sign of Periodontal Disease

According to periodontist Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles, bleeding gums are never normal and are a main indicator of periodontal disease.

The biggest warning sign of periodontal disease is bleeding gums, because gums are not supposed to bleed under any circumstances.  When you brush and when you floss, if you floss, if you notice some bleeding, many patients will say, “Well, I brush too hard or I’ve always had some bleeding, so it’s no big deal.”  The reality is that no bleeding is normal.  It is common but it is not normal.

Once periodontal disease gets started then you start dealing with bad breath which can be associated with periodontal disease, which is a gum infection.  You may see some spaces forming between teeth, you may find that food gets stuck between teeth, or you may find that your teeth are getting a little loose.

It is interesting that periodontal disease is very rarely associated with pain.  It happens on occasion when you have an abscess but it is a really rare event for that to occur.  Periodontal disease typically is subtle and it can sneak up on you, but when you have it, you really have to deal with it because it progresses if left untreated.

The worst outcome of untreated periodontal disease in your mouth is tooth loss.  The worst outcome of periodontal disease on your body is that it feeds into other inflammatory diseases which have much more severe implications, such as heart attacks, strokes, and chronic lung disease.

While more research is needed, there are now associations between periodontal disease and pancreatic cancer.  There is also a suspected link between periodontal disease and chronic inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease.  Research also shows that diabetes is worsened by periodontal disease,  so there are all sorts of systematic problems that are associated with it as well.  The good news is that periodontal disease is treatable, which is why we always encourage early diagnosis in your dentist’s or periodontist’s office.

Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
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