Dental Lasers Provide Minimally Invasive Treatment and Much Faster Healing Time.

Periodontist and implant dentistry expert Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles uses different lasers for treatment that is minimally invasive and comfortable.

We have different lasers that we use.  One is called the diode laser and we use that one simply to do small surgical procedures where we are just trying to trim tissue.  The advantage is there is virtually no discomfort, there is no bleeding, and the treated area heals very quickly.

The other kind of laser that we have is called a YAG laser and that has a number of special properties associated with it. This laser specifically destroys the bacteria in the gum that causes periodontal disease.  The YAG laser seems to be able to distinguish or selectively treat diseased tissue and leave healthy tissue alone, which is specific to the wavelength of the YAG laser.  Other lasers do not have this capability and that is the reason that this one is FDA approved for that purpose while other ones are not.

The YAG laser also seems to stimulate the healing process so that the cells that are involved in repair get turned on as a result of stimulation by the specific wavelength of this laser.  In addition, the YAG laser was just FDA approved for their claim of periodontal regeneration, which means that it stimulates new bone and attachment to root surfaces that have been damaged as a result of periodontal disease.  We have observed this process occasionally and somewhat inconsistently but it certainly is a possibility.

Another advantage of using lasers is they cause the patient virtually no discomfort.  One of the other properties of lasers is that they tend to seal off the nerve endings associated with pain.  This means that we can do a fairly aggressive procedure with a laser and patients may only need to take a Tylenol or an Ibuprofen afterwards, because the nerve endings have been treated by the laser and discomfort is greatly reduced..

The YAG laser also appears to be helpful in treating problems around implants.  We are very enthusiastic about this property because some implants can develop problems, including infections around them.  The laser destroys the bacteria and promotes healing in the gum around the implant.  The beauty of this again is that there is virtually no discomfort associated with it.

The procedure we used to do to accomplish the same thing was a much more invasive surgical procedure that required healing time, a lot more expense in terms of materials that were used, such as bone grafting materials, and we were not getting any better results than we get with a laser.  So the laser allows us to do more with a minimally invasive approach, much faster patient healing time, and no surgery

index_dr_ganales-xsDr. Jeffrey Ganeles
South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Boca Raton, FL
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